Referring Agent FAQ

  • How can I show a property you have listed for rent?

    To schedule showings, we use our firm’s patent pending technology with our exclusive Rental Showing Network (RSN) as well as the showing service associated with the local MLS in each city. If you are a licensed Real Estate Agent in a state we do business, visit to learn more and to sign up to be part of our RSN.
  • I have a client that has been approved to lease and is moving into one of your properties. Do I have to be present when they sign paperwork or move in?

    You do not have to be present at the execution of the lease or the move-in. Our property management team oversees these tasks.
  • I have a client that would like to apply for one of your properties. What is involved in the application process?

    PURE Property Management of North Carolina runs credit, criminal and eviction background checks on all adult applicants / guarantors. Each adult applicant / guarantor age 18 and over is required to submit an application to be considered for our rental properties. Applicants can apply and submit an electronic application on this website. A non-refundable application fee per adult applicant / guarantor is due at the time the application is submitted. It is recommended that applicants contact their current landlord (if renting) to notify that PURE Property Management will be inquiring about a rental reference.
  • I have a client that would like to list his property for sale and rent at the same time. How can you help?

    PURE Property Management will work side by side with you to list the property for rent while you list the property for sale. If a resident is found before a buyer is found, then you remove the sales listing from the sales market. If you find a buyer before a resident is found, then send us a copy of your contract and your client can terminate with PURE Property Management without paying the full contract termination penalty. It is requested that the client reimburse for half of the property marketing expenses for the months the listing was advertised for rent until a buyer was found and PURE was notified by you in writing that the property went under contract to be sold.
  • I referred a resident / property. When can I expect to receive my commission?

    Typically, commissions are disbursed within 30 days of the resident taking occupancy of the rental property.
  • If clients I refer to you later decide to buy a home or sell their home, am I guaranteed to be their agent?

    PURE Property Management is a Property Management firm, exclusively, and we respect the Law of Agency. While we cannot enforce which Real Estate Agent a client ultimately decides to use to buy or sell, we encourage clients to contact the Real Estate Agent that referred them to our firm. We respectfully recommend that referring Real Estate Agents maintain an active relationship with their referrals to help preserve and protect their relationship.
  • What commissions do you pay for referring a property for property management services?

    Referring agents who refer clients that enroll in our full-service property management program and after the property is leased, the agent will receive a $750 referral commission.

  • What commissions do you pay for referring a resident that leases with PURE Property Management of North Carolina?

    Licensed Real Estate Agents that show a client the property that the client leases with PURE Property Management receive a referral fee equal to 10% of one full month's rent.
  • Who should I contact if I have additional questions on referring properties or clients to PURE Property Management of North Carolina?

    You may call our office at 888-372-7528 (toll free) during business hours to speak with a member of our staff or a property manager. You may also contact us here.