Client FAQ's

  • I would like to sell my rental property. Can you help?

    PURE Property Management of North Carolina is an exclusive Property Management firm. Although we cannot list your property for sale, we have an extensive network of reputable firms and agents that we can refer to you for listing your property to sell. If you were referred to us by a Realtor outside of our firm, we recommend working with that Realtor to sell your property.
  • I’m in town this weekend and would like to inspect my property. Can you assist?

    Yes, your property manager will communicate with your resident to advise them of the day and time you would like to schedule an inspection. Per the terms of the lease agreement, 24 hour notice should be provided. The resident is not required to be present in order for you to have the ability to inspect your home, but proper notice by your property manager must be given to the resident.
  • I’m interested in expanding my rental property portfolio. Can you help?

    We can. Please contact us here and visit our Property Investor FAQ page for general information.
  • What are ePayments and how can I receive them?

    ePayments are owner draw payments that are directly deposited to a bank account of your choosing. There is no additional charge for you to set up this form of electronic payment. Contact your property manager for assistance.

  • When and how do you disburse payments to homeowners / landlords?

    All rent is due on the 1st of the month, unless stated differently in the terms of the lease agreement. Clients are paid after rent is collected and cleared. Owner draws are processed on the 10th, 15th and 25th. If these dates fall on a weekend or holiday, owner draws will be processed the next business day. Please keep these dates in mind when scheduling your monthly mortgage payments. A monthly statement will be posted to the online owner portal after month end and will include all income, expenses and owner draws collected and disbursed during the month. Owner draw payments are dispersed via direct deposit to a checking or savings account of your choosing. There is no additional charge to our clients for this service. Should you require a printed check, we can provide that but a $25 service fee will be charged.

  • Will you manage my HOA account?

    As the homeowner you are accountable to continue to pay your mortgage, taxes, insurance and HOA dues. We will be a point of contact between your HOA and your resident. We will help resolve any HOA issues or violations and provide any updates to your resident that the HOA communicates. You will want to provide your property managers information to the HOA company so they are able to communicate with us directly. Otherwise, the HOA will communicate with you and you can send this information to your property manager who will update your resident. However, payment of HOA dues is maintained by you, the homeowner.